Game Development

Assets for Unity

This is a selection of assets that I created for personal Unity projects. You can check them out on my Unity Asset Store page or my GitHub profile.

Unity Browser Bridge

Unity Browser Bridge Overview

Unity Browser Bridge allows you to test browser interactions directly from the Unity editor using Selenium WebDriver to control a web browser with which your script code interacts.

Check out on GitHub

In-Game Text Editor

In-Game Text Editor Key Image

In-Game Text Editor is a text editor that allows you to write text inside your Unity game.

  • Text selection with mouse and keyboard
  • Copy, cut and paste text
  • History of all operations (undo and redo)
  • Support for syntax highlighting using regular expressions
  • Forward and backward search
  • Non-blocking execution of operations (does not block game loop)
  • Uses only standard Unity UI elements, no dependency to other libraries
  • Behaves like a standard UI element
  • Customizable look and feel
Package Content
  • In-Game Text Editor assets with text editor prefab
  • Demo scenes with various examples
  • Documented source code
  • User manual
Download from the Unity Asset Store

Cubemap Blur

Cubemap Blur Key Image

Cubemap Blur is a Unity Editor extension to blur cubemaps using multi-pass Gaussian smoothing.

  • Seamless blurring of any Unity cubemap
  • Preview of blurred cubemap
  • Save blurred cubemap in PNG or EXR format
Package Content
  • Cubemap Blur Script
  • Demo Scene with Test Cubemap
  • Documentation
Download from the Unity Asset Store